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What part of the state does your law firm serve?

Our firm serves clients throughout the entire state of Alabama, but most particularly the Baldwin-Mobile county area and surrounding counties.

How quickly can I set up a consultation with an attorney from your office?


Typically you will be able to speak with an attorney over the phone about your specific case within 24 hours of reaching out to our office. An in office appointment can often be scheduled within 3-4 days of contacting us.

How much does Brennan R. Clifton, Attorney at Law, charge for legal representation?


This depends upon the type of case that you hire us to represent you on. Generally, our firm bills clients on either a flat-fee or hourly basis.


What types of cases are charged on a flat-fee basis?


For our estate planning services, we can typically give you a flat fee quote after your consultation. How much you will ultimately pay is dependent upon the complexity of your estate and what your financial goals are. During our consultation we will carefully weigh available options and work toward developing an estate plan that will help you meet your goals.


For most case involving traffic tickets, our firm charges on a flat-fee basis.


What types of cases are billed hourly?


For cases involving family law (e.g. Divorce, child-custody, child support, paternity, etc.) our firm bills hourly and requires a retainer payment prior to commencing work on the case. Upon receiving the retainer payment, the money is held in our firm’s Trust account and is withdrawn as work is performed.


Other types of cases that are billed on an hourly basis include:



Does your firm charge a consultation fee?


An initial telephone consultation is free of charge. Typically, a consultation with an attorney can be had the same day you call. This consultation is limited to 10 minutes in duration.


For an in office consultation, our firm charges $150.00. This meeting is limited to one hour in duration.

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