Our firm represents individuals who end up in probate court after a loved one passes.

If a person had a will at the time of their death, that person is said to have died "Testate." With a Testate estate, the Will must be taken to the probate court and filed in order for the Will to be recognized. Upon the death of an individual, the Will is filed along with a separate petition requesting that the Will be entered into probate. Afterward, the estate becomes "open," and any creditor of the Decedent may file a claim within six (6) months against the estate. Once the 6-month statutory time period runs, beneficiaries to the Will can receive their interests in the estate.  


Many times, an individual passes away without a will. This is otherwise known as an "Intestate" estate. This type of estate will be handled in a similar fashion as a "Testate" estate, but the assets belonging to the estate will eventually be divided up equally among the "Heirs at Law." An intestate estate can sometimes be time consuming since the administration of the estate is done pursuant to the state's default intestacy procedures.

If you have a loved one who recently passed way, please contact our office and we will answer any questions you might have.