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Mobile and Baldwin County Small Estate Attorney

What is a summary distribution in Alabama probate court?

Summary Distribution is part of the Alabama "Small Estates Act" and allows for an estate to be distributed if the totals asset in the estate are less than $32,047. 

What is the different between a "Summary Distribution" and a full probate administration?

Summary Distribution is a probate procedure that only requires thirty (30) days notice to creditors as opposed to six (6) months for a full probate administration. In addition, Summary Distribution is limited in that it can only deal with estate assets that do not involve real property and the total value of estate assets cannot exceed $32,047 (As of December 31st, 2022).

In what circumstances would a summary distribution apply to me?

A common example of how a summary distribution is used is when a person died with a bank account that had no beneficiary designation. When the next of kin go to the bank requesting access to the decedent's funds, the bank informs them that they need a court order to release the funds. Until such an order is produced, the funds will remain frozen in the Decedent's bank account.

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