Traffic Citations

I represent clients on a regular basis in municipal and district courts throughout the area who have received traffic citations. One of the main reasons people will choose to hire a lawyer to handle their traffic tickets is to prevent their auto insurance from going up. On average, a single speeding ticket will often cause your yearly premiums to increase up to 25% and stay like that for three years. As a result, the cost of an attorney to fight your ticket will often offset the costs of a conviction by a large margin. 


In addition to increased auto premiums, convictions for traffic offenses cause Alabama drivers to accrue “points” to their driving record. Each type of violation comes with a certain number of points that are assessed against the driver’s license and once a certain number of points are accrued, the operator’s driver license becomes suspended. Suspensions range anywhere from 60-365 days. If an individual drives on a suspended license, they face imprisonment up to 180 days and a $500 fine.


If you live out of town and are unable to make it to court, it is possible for your presence to be waived by your attorney and he can proceed on your behalf just as if you were present. Due to nearly every state adopting the National Driver’s License Compact, any traffic conviction you receive, even in another state, is automatically reported to the state in which you hold a valid Driver’s License. I oftentimes represent out of state individuals who received tickets when they were passing through on vacation or work. Because I am able to appear for you in court, I can discuss the ticket with the law enforcement officer and examine their file. In addition, I can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney or proceed with a trial in front of the judge.

Traffic Lights